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Do you want to liven up your space with some hints of green or want to know how to care for houseplants? Are you simply a plant lover like me and want to know all these curious facts about our green fellows? In this blog, I will share all there is to know about houseplants!

My name is Naemi. I was born and raised in Switzerland but have lived in and traveled all across the world. Growing up in a house filled with plants and surrounded by a garden, I loved being around plants and watching them grow since I was a kid. Wherever I live, I surround myself with plenty of plants – be it at home or at the office. When I realized that many friends and colleagues started asking for advice about plants and as I love sharing knowledge, I started this blog to spread my enthusiasm for plants even further. I am convinced that with some motivation and know-how, anyone can take good care of plants and develop that green thumb!

Furthermore, my Master’s degree in Social Anthropology focused on environmental issues and helped me pursue my passion for plants and how we live with them on this planet as well as deepening my scientific knowledge of plants.

Living with plants requires caring for other living beings on a regular basis, overall promoting a better connection to nature as well as an eco-friendly way of life. This blog shares knowledge, practical tips, and stories about plants in and around the house and hopefully contributes to making this world a greener and more sustainable place.

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